Optimize the production line with Gang-Run

The Gang-Run add-on module, as well as arifiQ Core, handle all types of printed matter and are not limited to standard sizes. The Gang-Run feature automaticyally optimizes the press sheet layout to determine the most cost-effective imposition. This results in reduced preparation and machine time, as well as reduced labor and materials.

arifiQ Gang-Run looks at all production possibilities among various jobs, based on the specific equip¬ment at a print provider. Offset, digital and large format equipment are all supported, and the module selects the appropriate paper size and machine.

The result can be exported directly to the printer’s prepress system as imposed print sheets. This feature can also be used in the quoting and order process for print buyers working on campaigns.

The number of imposition combinations can be very large. The longer the calculation runs, the more cost-effective the production alternative presented. Of course, cutting plays a central role.