Real-time calculations are processed by the arifiQ server, 24/7. No local infrastructure is needed.

Online Quoting and Ordering of Custom Print Jobs

Print customers, sales teams – anyone – can obtain quotes and place orders using any of the advanced, yet easy-to-use, arifiQ solutions. No print estimating experience is required.

Automatic estimating – Instant quotes

arifiQ’s powerful estimating engine calculates price and costs just by defining the print job.
• All calculations are based on the specifications of available machinery and paper stock of the selected print partner.
• Every possible imposition configuration is factored in, and the calculations are presented to users who have administrative rights.

Automatic imposition/layout

Highly sophisticated algorithms yield the best imposition possible; and the lay-out is also visually presented.

Job Ticket

arifiQ provides all information needed for optimized production, including printing press, paper size, signatures, and postpress.

File upload and store

File upload and store

Optimized production & configuration

arifiQ presents users with up to 100 most efficient ways to produce the printed piece. The user can scroll and choose from among the range of press, paper and signature scenarios; along with the associated pricing for each.

Campaigns – Gang-Runs for a single customer

arifiQ offers the fastest and most efficient Gang-run optimization for orders from the same customer. Especially suited to marketing campaigns including two or many more pieces, arifiQ Gang-Runs have proven to be one of the most popular services for key customers bringing many orders at the same time.

The arifiQ Plugin for Adobe® InDesign® application

The arifiQ plugin for InDesign automatically captures document information (size, bleed, pages, images and colors) from an open InDesign document. The designer simply chooses the paper stock and enters the required quantity. The arifiQ plugin script communicates with the estimating server, and prices are calculated, updated and presented in real time, accordingly. The designer can try any number of options (based on the print partner’s resources and the budget). To order the piece, the designer need only click on the “order” button.

API for integration with other systems

arifiQ can be integrated with various back-end and front-end applications, via the API. In addition to API calls, arifiQ can make database calls and import or export using various file formats (XML, JDF, XLSX, CSV, TXT, etc.).
For front-end integration, with support for multiple GUIs, there is an API based on HTTP requests and JSON encoding. This approach makes it simple for a web developer to include a call to the arifiQ Estimating server in the web server.

Customer data management

arifiQ keeps track of all customer data, quotes, orders, and statistics; and can manage discounts.

Order management

Customers and Print shops have full control when utilizing order management. Orders and files are automatically (or manually) stored and easily accessed for re-orders, changes, etc. All orders include complete data necessary for prepress and production.

Dashboard statistics

The pre-set dashboard includes real time statistics, presented graphically for easy understanding. Data is available for: Monthly sales this year and last year; Number of quotes and value of the quotes; Profit margin expressed as percentage and actual money; Press workloads (last 30 days and last 12 months); and Order status –including number of orders in each status – today and yesterday.

Add-on module:
Gang-Run (all orders)

Multiple printing projects are placed on a common paper sheet, which reduces printing costs and paper waste. arifiQ will gang chosen jobs, or select the best combination among all orders. Calculations only takes seconds to a few minutes.

Add-on module: Scheduling

The scheduling module keeps track of all resources available, and then, using orders and delivery dates, schedules print jobs accordingly. Both equipment and staff are tracked. If an employee or device are absent, new plans are presented, accordingly.
The operator can start and stop jobs; thereby recording actual production time. Delays are displayed, and often the production planner will take immediate action to remedy them.

Add-on module:
Stock Control

The Stock Control module gives users control over media, paper stock and other physical items by monitoring stock inventory and keeping track of stock value and ordering requirements. The Stock Control module can run alone, but is designed to work with arifiQ Pro and the arifiQ Scheduling module. An “Alarms” section provides an overview of the purchasing actions required at any time.

Add-on module:
Multi-Site Print Portal

The multi-site module connects production sites, allowing numerous benefits. These include:
1. Assessing which site can produce printed pieces at the lowest cost, at any given time;
2. The ability to place orders from any site, for production at any of the connected sites;
3. The ability to create reports such as those for salespeople or sales units, across connected locations.
arifiQ Multi-Site also supports collaboration between companies or through a distributor, by linking print partners together in a joint portal.

Add-on module:
Expanded Statistics

The arifiQ core engine holds, as well as produces, huge amounts of data, and the Extended Statistics module utilizes that data to generate deeper and extended statistics and reports. An unlimited number of customized reports are included with the arifiQ Statistics module. Users can get top lists, trend reports, win-rate analyses, cost center follow-up, and much more. All reports can be accessed online or downloaded as PDF, DOC, XLS, XML, TIFF, CSV, HTML.

The deQuote driver application

The deQuote application is downloaded and installed on a computer the same way a regular print driver is installed. deQuote scans the document information from any program on a computer, and translates it into a printable PDF.
When the user selects “PRINT”, and then chooses the deQuote printer, the price from the connected print shop appears. The user can choose quantity and paper quality, and then just click again to submit the order. The arifiQ server sends the print job to the print shop, ready for production, with optimized impositions and customer data. It’s the easiest way to order quick print jobs!