arifiQ: printers employ cloud technology to make printing easier… for everyone

arifiQ Development, founded in 2012, is a spinoff company of the founders’ print shop in Sweden. The spark that fueled the idea for the company was the need to find a way to be more available to customers. Today, these printers employ cloud technology to make printing easier… for everyone.

Our vision was to create quotes very easily and quickly. After all, why should a print customer have to wait for days, just to get a quote and place a print order?  That don’t make any sense in this century. There where also a strive to save money by spending less time on estimating and managing orders. arifiQ fixed that too.

And that’s how arifiQ was invented.  arifiQ – do-it-yourself print estimating, custom print quotes in seconds!

Inventing a solution like this requires deep knowledge and experience from both the graphic arts industry AND advanced system development skills. The combination of these skills, together with a true devotion for problem solving and a passion for printed media, is what made arifiQ possible.

It became clear to the market that arifiQ was succeeding where so many before had failed: the creation of automated estimates.

And there was more! It soon became obvious that the arifiQ estimating engine brings even greater value than “just” quick quotes. The arifiQ estimating server’s scalability, mobility and openness puts arifiQ at the heart of the IT infrastructure at any printing company, from small print shops to billion dollar printing groups. Today, versions of arifiQ with add-on modules have made it a full scale MIS. More than one customer sees it as the platform for their entire Business Information System, in the not-too-distant future!

The founders of arifiQ were born and raised in the family-owned-print shop, have obtained graduate level university degrees, and have professional experience gained via many high tech projects, over the years.

The founders of arifiQ: Eva Rosén, Carina Karlsson and Stefan Karlsson