Technical Facts

arifiQ Estimating Server calculates costs and identifies the most efficient way to produce each printed piece. All calculations are based on the specifications of available machinery and the paper stock of the selected print partner. Every possible imposition configuration is factored in, and the calculations are presented to users who have administrative rights.


The printers’ uploads to arifiQ, used to calculate quotes; specifications for machinery, material costs and labor costs are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Printing press specifications include name, print method, media type, number of colors front/back, minimum and maximum media size, cut-off, max printable area, all margins, hourly rate, click cost/plate cost, minimum and maximum grammage and inline folding/binding/trimming. For each color there are specifications for set-up time, intake time, production speed, setup and run waste. Media specifications include supplier, supplier article number, grade, coating, name, shade, grammage, grain direction, sheet/reel size, packaging type and quantity, and prices for different levels of order quantities. For envelopes, there are also window and seal specifications.

Self-service administration

Printers can easily change every value in the database, including additions or removal of machinery, via an administrative website. Available paperstock and its pricing can also be modified with the same simplicity. Updates are live immediately. Because customers who use the self-service option have real-time access to the same arifiQ server, their quotes are always based on current inventory. For the server, code is written in Java, Jetty is used as a web server, and a Linux operating system is employed. . The servers are hosted by arifiQ Development and Microsoft.