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Did you join any of the arifiQ Pro and arifiQ InDesign plugin demonstrations at our Graph Expo exhibit, in Orlando? Many of you have said that you have more questions — primarily about setup and ROI — and also want to show your colleagues and management “the magic” in arifiQ.

Now is the time  — especially as we head into a brand new year — to focus on the significant return arifiQ will bring you and your organization (whether you have seen arifiQ demonstrations before, or not).Sit back and relax in the quieter atmosphere of your home or office, and allow us to… blow you and your management away.

No one but arifiQ can generate instant quotes for custom, complex jobs; and optimize them for efficient, error-free processing in  production workflows. No one else can do all of this, and connect to other solutions and systems of your choosing (i.e., your CRM), using one of our existing — or forthcoming — API connections.

Choose the day you prefer, and you will get a link to the webinar. If you have special interest in any of our Add On MIS modules or integration possibilities, please put that in the message section. The MIS modules are: Gang-Run, Inventory, Multi Site and Scheduling.

The timezone is shown in Eastern Standard Time (11.30 am EST/5.30 pm CET)

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