Swedish tech company arifiQ in Silicon Valley

arifiQ Development is one of five Swedish technology companies selected by Vinnova* to participate in Innovation Norway’s Tech Incubator Program (TINC). TINC is a business development program that aims to help companies grow and expand internationally. TINC takes place in Silicon Valley/San Francisco for four weeks in fall 2014.

The purpose of the month-long stay in Silicon Valley is to increase knowledge of the US printing landscape, complete a pilot installation in a domestic printing company, and generate new partnerships.

Eva Rosen – Marketing:

“It will be great fun to take a look at the US printing market. There are signs that the publishing industry in the US is facing exactly the same challenges as in Sweden. Companies need to streamline their proposal management and be available 24/7 for their customers in a much more advanced way than traditional online printers can currently offer.

We have already proven that arifiQ can easily be paired with other systems with its integration with Agfa. We are now focusing on developing more partnerships that will further facilitate the everyday life of printers around the world.

It feels like this is perfect timing, and we look forward to some very interesting and inspiring weeks in Silicon Valley.”

TINC will be held in the “Innovation House” in the heart of the Stanford campus, Palo Alto. Participation is subsidized by Almi.


* VINNOVA – Swedish Government Agency for Innovation