Print order online is the thing!

Congratulations to all print buyers!

Solutions for digital print orders are everywhere. More and more printing companies will find ways, either in-house or by becoming a subcontractor to other sales portals, making themselves available online. It is good for the industry.

We recently exhibited at Cap & Design’s event Digital Crunch aimed at communication and in-house agencies. Those who buy printed materials. When we ask them how they order prints, they immediately get a pained expression and says. “- Do not talk about it.” They prefer to think of all the digital channels they can communicate their messages in and printed, it is something everyone does, but rather not talk about.

When we present that there is solution to the “printing problem” (that it is so complicated to order) they all say: Fantastic! Especially when they see that they can get prices and place and order directly in InDesign. It is also clear that this group is not particularly price sensitive and that they are happy to retain the printers they already have a good relationship with. So with a clever ordering function online, the printers actually reprocess a deeper relationship with its customers, even though we talk less with them. The customer is doing their own quote and get in touch only with special questions. The printing provider can with a digitalized ordering portal expect more orders while saving time.

Congratulations to all print providers!