Make new applications and solution with arifiQ

We’re always looking for partners that can expand the arifiQ offer by developing new opportunities, applications and environments for the arifiQ Estimating server and Add-On modules. When entering as a Technology & API partner you will get access to the latest arifiQ technology.

1. Technology partners
You already work in a technical environment and give feedback and advise in solutions that will generate sales for us.

As a technology partner you provide arifiQ with added value and functionality helping us expand our range of value and ultimately give our users the workflow, productivity and collaboration benefits they expect from arifiQ.

2. API Integration partners
You have a solution already for the printing industry that would benefit from an API connection with arifiQ.

The API Partner Program is aimed at providing partners with a straightforward way of integrating arifiQ services into their existing applications, websites, portals or working environment.

arifiQ Development is committed to providing open access to as many of its online application services as possible. Through our API program, partners and the general arifiQ community of users can embed the selected arifiQ services into other applications, websites, portals and intranets.

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