arifiQ rhymes with “Terrific”

Wanted: Excellent partners who will make our customers even more successful

At arifiQ, we pledge to only bring the best to our customers. Teaming with good people and great companies, whose knowledge and/or service will benefit the market, is a critical  component of our mission. We are confident that you will be impressed by arifiQ solutions. Take a look at what we have to offer, below, and then let us know if you are interested in talking.

Never before has anyone achieved the level of tangible and immediate, time and cost benefit that arifiQ has.

Never before has anyone figured out how to automate the quote and order cycle, a 3 day hassle, at best.

It’s automation of the highest magnitude; bringing the greatest, positive impact that both printers and their customers realize immediately.

Say Goodbye to the Great Wait.

arifiQ is the world’s leading provider of front-end estimating for the graphic arts industry, providing the simplest way for printers to increase both the number and frequency of orders they receive.

Any associate of a printer’s choosing – such as a brand owner, print buyer or designer – can use arifiQ’s “self-service” option to obtain their own quotes, for even the most complex jobs, directly from the printer’s own job cost database. The customer can also place their own orders.

Giving customers this access for quotes and placing orders cuts the 2-8 day average quote to order cycle down to…


arifiQ printers can set up, manage and configure every aspect of their job cost database using arifiQ’s easy-to-use administration site and full-featured API.

Which Partner Are You?

arifiQ offers different partner opportunities:
1. Reseller
2. Technology and API partner
3. White Label

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