New self-service estimating tool elevates the print buying experience by delivering instant quotes for custom jobs

Press release
ÖSTERSUND, SWEDEN – May 28, 2015 – By providing access to instant quotes 24/7 using a cloud-based estimating system, arifiQ is changing the way printers and customers do business.

The barrier of waiting for a print quote is now a thing of the past. arifiQ is moving the print industry a big step forward by making it possible for printers, print providers, designers and their clients to get custom print quotes instantly.

With print runs getting shorter and turnaround times getting tighter there is a need today for streamlining and automating the estimating process. By focusing on a pivotal function of print; estimating and quoting, arifiQ is helping printers successfully adapt to the new realities of how customers buy print on-line.

“As print shop owners, we have lived through the pain of never ending quotes waiting to be done. Sometimes a print buyer had to wait days for a single quote. Custom jobs had to be manually estimated. This was not an efficient way to run the business and this is why we invented arifiQ,” says Carina Karlsson, CEO, arifiQ Development.

Behind the scenes, arifiQ is a full-scale estimating system uncompromising in quote accuracy. With this new cloud-based system, printers can put a powerful quoting tool in the hands of the print buyers. With arifiQ’s solution on their company website, printers can automatically receive ready-to-print orders for digital, offset and wide-format printers.

The simple, easy to use interface uses six parameters to estimate jobs: size, page-count, paper, printing, finishing and quantity. arifiQ uses an intelligent calculation algorithm that automatically creates optimized production scenarios for each possible product choice. Whenever one of the parameter options changes, the most cost-efficient price is instantly re-calculated and presented.

“arifiQ is the perfect solution for us. By allowing me to automate my custom jobs quotes, the client gets the estimate quicker, we process the job faster and we get happier customers,” says Mark Sarpa, CEO, Progressive Solutions, California.

Self-service is a growing preference among customers who are looking for transparency in pricing, and quicker turnaround times. Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. (Source: gives printing businesses a competitive advantage by putting the quoting tool in the hands of the customers, helping them increase their win rate.

arifiQ Development to feature new technology at Dscoop EMEA in Dublin, Ireland, June 3-5,2015