There is money to be saved!

This is the year for automation!

There are a lot of time (money) that can be saved by reducing the worthless time of administrative manual work, that is not bringing any value at all to your costumers.

This is how you get more effective with arifiQ:

  1. Let your kostymers do the work! Put arifiQ on your website or give your key accounts an own inlogg. We promise you that the print buyers would love to do the calculations themselves and put the order.
  2. When someone asks for a printing price over the phone or mail, give it immediately when on the phone or mail back in an instant. Don’t put the quotes for request in pile of paper.
  3. Send the print ticket just with a click from arifiQ to your prepress system.
  4. Optimize the production process with arifiQ production planner and gang-run planner.
  5. When using InDesign, get the price information with arifiQ InDesign plugin.

This will save you 85% of the time you put on making quotes and handling orders.

Do you know that you can be up and running with arifiQ, in only three weeks?