Introducing arifiQ Entry: The Industry’s Fastest Online Quoting Tool is Designed to Increase Print Sales

Introducing arifiQ Entry: The Industry’s Fastest Online Quoting Tool is Designed to Increase Print Sales

  • arifiQ Entry is the fastest way to quote and submit custom print jobs.
  • Printers and customers can view quotes, try numerous iterations, and submit online job orders that are instantly accepted for production.
  • Connects seamlessly with printers’ existing MIS, ERP or other systems.
December 6, 2016 – arifiQ Development introduces arifiQ Entry, designed to give anyone — such as CSRs, print buyers, and print sales teams — the ability to instantly and easily obtain quotes and place orders for custom print jobs, from anywhere. arifiQ Entry relieves the bottleneck – from several hours to many days — between the time a customer approves a job, and when he or she gets an estimate/quote back from a printer[1]. In contrast, arifiQ Entry and the full family of arifiQ solutions return accurate quotes in a minute or less.
Eliminating the long wait for print quotes has been at the top of “wish list” features requested of technology developers, by printers. As customer satisfaction (aka “the customer experience”) is now accepted as primary insurance for business success, arifiQ’s existing customers have found that eliminating the wait has generated dramatic, positive response by employees and customers.
Available immediately at a flat monthly rate, arifiQ Entry uses the company’s powerful arifiQ core engine to give users the unique quotation and optimized production benefits in all arifiQ products. arifiQ Entry also exports to, or integrates with, any MIS, ERP, prepress, or other order management system; and offers 12 of the 14 major benefits available in arifiQ’s high-end solution, arifiQ PRO.
“Customers usually have an approved version of a job when the salesperson calls or comes to see them; and they should not have to wait days to get the first quote,” says Eva Rosén, who is not only President and CMO of arifiQ Development; but is, along with her two co-founders, a print shop owner of many years.
“Print service providers will give their sales reps arifiQ Entry so they can place orders while with their customers, rather than bringing back those laborious RFQ’s,” Rosén says. With a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, she says, the rep can access the PSP’s server to get custom quotes instantly, and 24/7, while they are on the phone or sitting with customers.
How arifiQ Entry works

The salesperson or other professional uses arifiQ Entry to access the printer’s estimating server from anywhere, at anytime, using any internet connection.  (Editorial note: No one’s – No One’s – estimating solution can do the following.) In only seconds, arifiQ’s proprietary algorithms generate up to one septillion 1024 (or more)combinations based on the printer’s resources and cost variables, to arrive at a quote.  Resources include printing presses, paper stock, and post-press machinery; while cost variables include hourly rates, discounts, and profit margins.

Campaign feature: Pieces are imposed together
Using this feature, reps can obtain estimates on many print jobs at one time, and get not only pricing, but also optimized imposition and media decisions[2]. Campaign functionality is one of the features available in both arifiQ PRO and arifiQ Entry.
Versions for PSPs, Designers, and In-Plants
In addition to arifiQ PRO and new arifiQ Entry, arifiQ Development offers a plugin for Adobe InDesign, as well as an in-plant solution, arifiQ deQuote, which provides quotes via the “print” function on any conventional computer.
Price, Availability and On-Demand Demonstrations
arifiQ Entry is immediately available at a flat monthly rate, with no setup fee. Any number of users are included, free of charge. There is also no long-term agreement: If users decide to stop using arifiQ Entry, there is a one month cancellation period.
Sample pricing is as follows. arifiQ has also provided a price calculator at
Small Print-shop: arifiQ Entry per mo. $118
Medium printer with Hybrid Production: arifiQ Entry per mo. $616
Large offset printer: arifiQ Entry per mo. $1792
Interested parties can obtain a demonstration on-demand, at
“Increasing revenue and customer experience is number one on every CEO’s to-do list, says Carina Karlsson, arifiQ Development CEO. “The huge potential for these opportunities can begin to be realized with arifiQ products.”
About arifiQ Development
arifiQ Development is a Swedish company that has, and will continue to, develop several applications, plug-ins, and modules based on its unique and powerful technology platform.
The idea that catalyzed the company’s establishment was the founders’ recognition that the wait for quotes, and then approvals, was a major cause of frustration for customers and printers, both. They felt that solving the problem by making the quote process faster could have major, positive outcomes for the industry.
arifiQ Development’s ROI calculator allows interested parties to review savings/profits that result from using arifiQ products. Additional profits (or savings) are realized because studies show that 30% of jobs go to the first quote.

[1]In a focus group arranged by arifiQ Development in 2015, the average wait time for the first quote on a custom job was found to be 3 days, within a range of 3 hours and 8 days.

[2]If the PSP needs to gang-run jobs from different clients, arifiQ PRO is required together with the Gang Run module.

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