Pleas contact for assistance.

arifiQ Pro Self Set-Up gets your initial site up and running in just a few minutes. It’s so simple that even an executive can do it! Of course, arifiQ Support or your arifiQ contact will be happy to assist you with set-up!

Your arifiQ PRO that you receive from the Self Set-Up offers accurate pricing, based on your presses, profit margin and our standard settings for paper stock, post press equipment etc. Your arifiQ PRO probably may need some fine-tuning and you need to add your paper stock and post press machinery, this you can manage in “settings” – or get free assistance from

How long before I can use my arifiQ in production?
If you’re a small or medium sized print shop with pretty standard equipment, you should be able to use your arifiQ PRO in a few days up to a week. If you have web presses or rare equipment, it’s going to take a couple of weeks, depending on how fast you are able to test drive the system.

arifiQ self-set up