The arifiQ team wins “Best IT-entrepreneur of the year”

The arifiQ founders are honoured to receive this prestigious price at the “Golden awards” in Ostersund, Sweden, for making a game change possible in the printing industry.

Never before has print buyers been able to do a custom print quote and place the order themselves, online, 24/7. And never before has an estimating tool saved 80% (or more) of the administration time. This is a revolution for this 500 year old industry, where quoting used to be a man to man thing, depending on print expertise’s being at the office struggling with a pile of RFQ’s- but not anymore!

Prestigious prize to Eva Rosén Founder and CMO at arifiQ

Eva Rosén has received a prize for female inventors, the “Sigrid Strands Memorial Prize”.

Sigrid Strand was a woman with special interest in innovations and technical solutions for day to day problems. She acknowledged that women and men solve problems differently and wanted to encourage and enthusiasm innovating women as it also had an impact on the society she lived in, Härjedalen, Sweden.

Beside the great honor the prize also includes a check for business development.

– I am so honored and happy to be acknowledged, by the board of Sigrid Strand foundation, as Sigrid herself was a remarkable entrepreneur and put her heart into encourage female inventors, by putting all her savings into this foundation. This gives the team fuel, making arifiQ a global success.

Swedish arifiQ is joining the Printerverse alliance at Graph Expo

arifiQ Development is kick-starting the US launch at Graph Expo i Chicago september 13-16th. The swedish vendor will exhibit and also participate in 5 sessions at PrintMediaCentr’s “Printerverse™” event.

Read the pressrelease HERE

First panel: Adding more Value to Customer beyond Service

Panel Eva Printerverse beskuren





Meet arifiQ at Graph Expo press conference

Welcome to attend our first press conference in North America!

Where: Graph Expo, McCormick Place South, Room S502a
When: Sunday, September 13th from 1:00 to 1:30 pm

Press conference invitation Graph Expo

Kim Owen about arifiQ

Print guru Deborah Corn at PrintMediaCentr did a video with arifiQ’s market conslutant Kim Owen at DSCOOP Dublin, June 2015.

Watch this video – and you will learn what arifiQ is all about.

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Twitter: @PrintPros and @PrintMediaCentr
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arifiQ delivers instant print quotes with Adobe InDesign plug-in

Press release
ÖSTERSUND, SWEDEN – June 2, 2015 – arifiQ, a leading developer of print estimating software announced a plug-in for Adobe® InDesign® today. The integration with InDesign will allow designers and creative professionals to get instant print quotes with embedded technology that offers a seamless experience by streamlining the estimating and purchasing process.

arifiQ is first to launch an instant print quotation tool with the Adobe InDesign plug-in. The innovative Swedish company is redefining print estimating by giving printers, print providers, designers and their client’s unprecedented control and access to custom print quotes instantly.

”Design is not going away; in fact the digital world has made it more relevant. Designers are creating content across multiple channels, the arifiQ plug-in embeds the print option where designers are working and makes print easier to buy.” says Jennifer Matt, Managing Editor, WhatTheyThink (Print Estimating & Quoting System Product Spotlight: arifiQ – April 15, 2015)

The barrier of waiting for a print quote is now a thing of the past. By providing access to instant quotes 24/7 using a cloud-based estimating system, arifiQ is changing the way printers and customers do business.

”With the new arifiQ Adobe InDesign plug-in, we have simplified the buying process and made it easier and faster for the creative professional to get real-time quotes. Designers and print buyers strong preference for self-service is now a reality for custom jobs with the arifiQ tool, and we have taken it a step further with the plug-in. We’re getting right to the creative heart of the design process by putting this tool in the hands of the designers and the feedback has been incredibly positive,” Eva Rosén, CMO, arifiQ

arifiQ Development to feature new technology at Dscoop EMEA in Dublin, Ireland, June 3-5,2015

New self-service estimating tool elevates the print buying experience by delivering instant quotes for custom jobs

Press release
ÖSTERSUND, SWEDEN – May 28, 2015 – By providing access to instant quotes 24/7 using a cloud-based estimating system, arifiQ is changing the way printers and customers do business.

The barrier of waiting for a print quote is now a thing of the past. arifiQ is moving the print industry a big step forward by making it possible for printers, print providers, designers and their clients to get custom print quotes instantly.

With print runs getting shorter and turnaround times getting tighter there is a need today for streamlining and automating the estimating process. By focusing on a pivotal function of print; estimating and quoting, arifiQ is helping printers successfully adapt to the new realities of how customers buy print on-line.

“As print shop owners, we have lived through the pain of never ending quotes waiting to be done. Sometimes a print buyer had to wait days for a single quote. Custom jobs had to be manually estimated. This was not an efficient way to run the business and this is why we invented arifiQ,” says Carina Karlsson, CEO, arifiQ Development.

Behind the scenes, arifiQ is a full-scale estimating system uncompromising in quote accuracy. With this new cloud-based system, printers can put a powerful quoting tool in the hands of the print buyers. With arifiQ’s solution on their company website, printers can automatically receive ready-to-print orders for digital, offset and wide-format printers.

The simple, easy to use interface uses six parameters to estimate jobs: size, page-count, paper, printing, finishing and quantity. arifiQ uses an intelligent calculation algorithm that automatically creates optimized production scenarios for each possible product choice. Whenever one of the parameter options changes, the most cost-efficient price is instantly re-calculated and presented.

“arifiQ is the perfect solution for us. By allowing me to automate my custom jobs quotes, the client gets the estimate quicker, we process the job faster and we get happier customers,” says Mark Sarpa, CEO, Progressive Solutions, California.

Self-service is a growing preference among customers who are looking for transparency in pricing, and quicker turnaround times. Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. (Source: gives printing businesses a competitive advantage by putting the quoting tool in the hands of the customers, helping them increase their win rate.

arifiQ Development to feature new technology at Dscoop EMEA in Dublin, Ireland, June 3-5,2015

Scandbook develops Internet-based portal based on arifiQ


Scandbook develops Internet-based portal based on arifiQ

Scandinavia’s leading book producer Scanbook is developing an Internet-based purchasing portal based on arifiQ.

In the latest quarterly report  ScandBook announces “work to develop an Internet-based purchasing portal based on the software of arifiQ is well advanced.”
ScandBook already produces 60-70% of the Swedish people’s need for hard-bound books and is the leading book printing. And now it will then be easier to order a book production from ScandBook.

Meet arifiQ at Dscoop in Dublin, June 3-5th

Hope to see you at Dscoop in Dublin, June 3-5th!

Dscoop is HP users’ member association. At Dscoop in Dublin enthusiasts meet, get inspired and to see the latest in both hardware and software. Dscoop events are all over the world and some of the best in the printing industry. arifiQ are there as exhibitors and we look forward to seeing all HP enthusiasts!

Check out Dscoop


arifiQ at Digital Crunch

We want to show print buyers and designers how smooth and easy they can order custom print. With arifiQ’s self service estimating tool they can create a quote and submit an order anytime, online or with an InDesign plug-in.

Hope to see you at Cap&Designs Digital Crunch, Stockholm, May 7th.

Check out the event HERE