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Hudson Printing are winning jobs with fast estimating

Paul Hudson: “Fast estimating are key to win jobs and arifiQ are the best product I’d seen, in terms of doing very fast estimates.” This is the patented arifiQ technology doing wonders. Just add in the job specs, including custom specs, and for every change of a parameter, there is an instant price presented – […]

Ink usage/cost for inkjet devices

Fast print calculation is at the heart of arifiQ. It wasn’t really that far-fetched that arifiQ could also be doing real ink usage estimations. Although it has been a struggle to be both correct and fast made ink usage estimates difficult, but the issue has now been conquered. How arifiQ powers to automatically deliver the […]

Asian printer visits arifiQ

arifiQs first customer in the Asian/Pacific region was KHL Printing from Singapore. We’re so happy to be able to meet up with them in Sweden, to meet in person and discuss improvements in their arifiQ site. KHL Printing was looking for a straight forward estiamating – job on boarding tool – that could send jobs […]

Hard Cover book feature

Dust Jacket & End Papers are now available as printed parts for Hard Cover Books. Along with the Cover and Body, there is four parts that are all being imposed. All part can have a different choice of paper, print and production. There are also new options for adding ribbons and head- & tail bands […]

arifiQ is growing

The printing industry around the world needs a higher level of automation, both in business and in production processes. E-commerce is also a soft spot, when it comes to 80% of the market share for print. This is the kind of print, or print customers, that cannot be squeezed into the limited web-to-print shops. arifiQ […]

Workflow automation starting from Print Customers / Sales

arifiQ is hosting a session at the Nordic Workflow Summit – about unlocking a huge business opportunity by offering a comprehensive automated quoting and order placement online service for B2B customers. Including the print customers / sales in an automated workflow – is going to elevate the service level substantially. Any print shop can put […]

Product type self setting tool

An arifiQ site appears in different shapes, depending on the print providers production possibilities (example below). Each print provider decides which product types they would like to use as entry’s. In the self setting tool, that now comes with each arifiQ site, the printer can be in control and match the product types with a […]

HP PrintOS Users Can Eliminate Major Delays on Ad-Hoc Jobs, with arifiQ Integration 

arifiQ today announced that HP PrintOS solutions can now also process ad-hoc jobs automatically using arifiQ technology. This significant move has positive implications for printers and their customers worldwide. The arifiQ estimating engine instantly and automatically creates quotes, job tickets, gang-runs, cost-optimized impositions and production routes for the full variety of print jobs moving through […]